Helpful Tip – How To Repair a Hose

Technique: How to Repair a Hose

How To Repair a hose: Step 1Hose Repair: Step One

Turn on your hose and mark the leaky area with an indelible marker.









How To Repair A Hose: Step 2Hose Repair: Step Two

Using a box cutter or sharp blade, cut out the damaged section of hose. Purchase a hose repair kit that contains a repair fitting and clamps. Make sure the repair fitting fits the diameter of your hose.








How To Repair A Hose: Step 3Hose Repair: Step Three

Slip a clamp onto each section of hose. Then insert the hose repair fitting into one section of the hose. Slide the second hose section onto the other side of the fitting and snuggle the two sections back together as tightly as possible.








How To Repair A Hose: Step 4Hose Repair: Step Four

Screw the clamp down firmly on each side of the repair fitting.

All Done!









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