Freeze & Preserve Fresh Herbs in Olive Oil


Do you use your freezer to preserve herbs, vegetables, or fruit? The freezer can be a powerful, overlooked method of preserving. Pesto, strawberry puree, tomato soup — stash them away now for colder times! One of my favorite ingredients, a ...

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Home and Garden Uses for Epsom Salt


Get rid of raccoons Are the masked night marauders poking around your trash can, creating a mess and raising a din? A few tablespoons of Epsom salt spread around your garbage cans will deter the raccoons, who don’t like the ...

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Top 5 backyard chicken breeds

When backyard hobbyists first start raising chickens, they are sometimes astounded by the number of different chicken breeds that are available. A quick perusal of your favorite hatchery’s catalog will reveal several hundred chicken breeds. After several millennia of domestication, ...

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REAL Moss Shower Mat

Living Moss Mat

A bizarre bath-mat which is made out of 70 balls of moss held together in a latex frame has gone on sale after a prototype creation became a hit online. The  ‘Moss Rug’ was created by Nguyen La Chanh over ...

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Learn How to Make a Watermelon Keg


This is such a fun idea from for turning a regular watermelon into a beautiful drink dispenser that will amaze your friends and family at your next party. It’s simple and really cheap to make, requires only a few ...

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Complete Guide to Home Canning


Home gardens are a great way to produce healthy, nutritious fruits and vegetables. But healthy eating doesn’t have to stop when gardens quit producing. You can preserve the healthy, home-grown nutrition you value and make it available all year round ...

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Using Mulch in Your Vegetable Garden

Mulch provides several benefits to the garden. Luckily, adding mulch is one of the easiest gardening tasks you can undertake. The question isn’t whether you should use it or not (the answer to that is a resounding Yes!) The question ...

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